1. It’s not our eloquence or persuasive rhetoric that changes hearts, but the Word of God that pierces through the hardened shells of unbelief and breathes life into the dead bones of sinners.
  2. Church historians attempt to determine why Melanchthon made those controversial decisions.
  3. This is an excerpt from chapter 9 of “What Can Really Know?: The Strengths and Limits of Human Understanding” by David Andersen (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  4. No matter how far away they wander, God always hears the prayers of his children.
  5. Prayer is not just about asking for things. It's about receiving what has already been given to us in Christ.
  6. Tim wanted everyone to know to the deepest part of their being that they were justified by Christ alone.
  7. Luther's emphasis on the need for sinners to have preachers who can provide them with the comfort and support they need for their faith in Jesus Christ and life is as relevant today as it was in his time.
  8. May you believe, in this thin-line world, that this Jesus is for you, not against you.
  9. Although Jesus bodily ascended and is hidden from our earthly eyes, he is not far off.
  10. The drama of Scripture is about God renaming us by bringing us into his image-bearing family once again. And it would take “a name above all names” to accomplish it.
  11. This is an excerpt from part two of “On Any Given Sunday: The Story of Christ in the Divine Service” by Mike Berg (1517 Publishing, 2023).
  12. The story of salvation is the true story of God doing his unexpected work of salvation for us.