1. No persecutor can avail over the victory of Christ for His people. Even if death separates them from this world, it cannot separate them from the love of God and the redemption accomplished through Jesus Christ.
  2. Jesus has come that we might know God, not from a distance, but from His personal intervention in our lives.
  3. While proverbial wisdom says you cannot compare Judas and Jesus, the preacher responds that you most certainly can, because your purpose is the Gospel.
  4. Sing of Jesus’ Easter victory for you, and watch Satan flee with his worries and cares!
  5. This is the Christian word: grace. Such grace is found only with this Lamb who is also our Shepherd.
  6. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss church unity.
  7. This pericope has law and gospel, as well as principles of Christian ethic. The effective preacher rightly distinguishes them but also confidently preaches them.  
  8. But notice one thing. When Jesus speaks of commands, He does so in the context of love.
  9. He is the one who saves us at just the right time.

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