1. Despite our best efforts to avoid him, King Jesus remains very much unavoidable.
  2. The glimpse of this final vision of healing has healed us before, it heals us here and now, and it will heal us again.
  3. Now, in the New Testament, the number for the Church remains twelve as Jesus calls twelve Apostles to be trained by Him to carry out the ministry following His ascension.
  4. God will undo the curse and release His creation through the resurrection. In Christ, it’s already taken place. We’re next.
  5. So, we pray. Not just in times of need, but we pray at all times. Because this is part of what it means to be saved.
  6. There were no discussions, no committee meetings, no master planning, he and his group simply went to Macedonia.
  7. What you are doing for your hearers is sparking their imagination to live in, to dwell in, the images you are conjuring in their mind’s eye.
  8. Jesus opens for us a way to walk through suffering and to sing our song of salvation as we talk to our heavenly Father.
  9. In this episode, Dr. Paulson proclaims the defeat of sin, death, and the devil.

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