1. The sign of the cross, according to the earliest centuries of Christians, is “the sign of the Lord,” and every baptized Christian was “marked” with it.
  2. When and how did the church start this season of anticipation?
  3. For as you pick up the Holy Bible, God’s Word to you and for you in Christ, the words of the prophet Isaiah echo in your ears, "The Word of the Lord Endures Forever."
  4. Good, we tend to think, is the absence of evil. But this reversal of the formula can only have disastrous consequences.
  5. The Ichthus is a confession in picture form, a visual sermon of the gospel of Christ crucified.
  6. We cannot overstate that no person outside the Bible has been as influential to Christian theology as Augustine.
  7. Origen is wrong about stuff, but he had the foresight to say that if he was wrong, he was open to correction.
  8. Finding the balance between indifferentism and obsessiveness has never been easy, and it’s especially difficult in our environment.

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