1. Don’t get in the habit (or, if you already do it, get out of the habit) of saying, “I could never talk about these things the way my pastor does.”
  2. We can interpret "be the Church" as either law or gospel.
  3. Regularly reading and hearing God’s Word helps us to keep a song in our hearts.
  4. A “good death” and “good life” are not accomplished through personal striving but are grasped by faith in the promises of God.
  5. God gives his church a story that helps to make sense of this life.
  6. It would serve us well to embrace the beauty of our diversity within the unity of the body of Christ.
  7. There is no justification by the works of the law
  8. Any message other than "Christ for you" is not good news.
  9. Matthew 22 sees Jesus address Jewish legal debates. In the process, he makes disticntions between the Law and Gospel.
  10. How the ancient view of "guts" is a lively metaphor of promise
  11. Every Christian should understand what it means to have a Great High Priest
  12. Jesus is always interceding for us