1. Sometimes, we get prayer dementia. We can’t remember what we were going to pray for, we can’t put the words together, and, frustrated, there is nothing we can do but sigh and groan.
  2. Jesus will lead us through the deep waters onto the dry land of that celestial shore, where he will wipe away every tear from our eyes.
  3. It would serve us well to embrace the beauty of our diversity within the unity of the body of Christ.
  4. Jesus reveals to them again who He is. And that life can only be given when we feed on Christ.
  5. How’s your ticker?
  6. What’s the big deal about Jesus’ name?
  7. God has a hall ready for us, for us and for so many more
  8. When the waters of anxiety and depression rise, there is One who understands.
  9. Christ reshapes what forgivness means and why it's important
  10. The Lord has remembered to help his servant Israel, to fulfill his promises to Abraham and to his offspring forever, not mostly or mainly because of his mercy, but exclusively so.
  11. I’ve experienced firsthand the promise that God never leaves a congregation empty-handed.