1. Bathed in the waters of baptism, you are placed in God's path of totality, a path he won for each and every one of us.
  2. The seemingly small, the particular, the previously overlooked, magnifies in importance.
  3. Sin is a heavy thing to bear. Its jacket is shame, its medals are guilt.
  4. The love of God in Christ Jesus never changes. That love is for you.
  5. We can interpret "be the Church" as either law or gospel.
  6. Jesus has gone ahead of you on the road, and promises to be with you still.
  7. We are not pursuing dragons; we are the dragons. We are, all of us, Eustace Scrubb.
  8. A truly Lenten mindset sees the season as preparatory for the resurrection life of Easter as opposed to the mortification of Good Friday.
  9. The number forty calls to remembrance narratives of God’s great acts of redemption, but also our conformity to and participation in those narratives.
  10. What if the dissonance in this calendrical coincidence can be harmonized into a deeper melody?
  11. The driving impulse of Lent isn’t so much “giving up” things as it is “putting on” something.