1. Toy Story is indeed a Christmas story.
  2. Easter must be seen in light of the cross. It must never overshadow Good Friday. They are a packaged deal!
  3. We give thanks to the Father who has made a way for us to sit at his table.
  4. We do not live in the greatness of our own deeds. We boast in the greatness of one deed that God himself has done through Jesus Christ on the cross.
  5. It turns out that when Elijah battled depression, God sent someone to just be with him. To comfort him.
  6. Jesus comes to you. He binds your wounds, and he pours out his body and his blood for the forgiveness of your sins.
  7. When you walk into church on Sunday, you may not notice, but there are wounded soldiers sitting in every single pew.
  8. And because Jesus on the cross was sin in its entirety, God cannot look at him. He turns his face away, causing Jesus to cry out in utmost agony, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”