The Psalm for Easter 6 is Psalm 98. This Psalm fits well into the Easter season as the Church celebrates the resurrection of our LORD. Psalm 98 forms the third part of a nice trio of Psalms (96, 97, 98) and culminates the group with nothing but praise! In fact, it could be divided thus:

  • Verse 1 — An invitation to sing and praise.
  • Verses 2-3 — The people of God sing and praise.
  • Verses 4-6 — ALL people sing and praise.
  • Verses 7-9 — The whole of the earth/all creation sings and praises.

Certainly, only the resurrection can bring about such a full-fledged, all-encompassing praising! There is an obvious progression of those who are called upon to sing and praise until everything and everyone is involved.

Psalm 98 is a beautiful Psalm of re-orientation/new orientation.

Verses 1-3: The LORD has come into the midst of the battle—our battle—here on this earth. He comes with a strong hand and a holy arm. He is the Champion who comes to the battle field and fights the battle for us—not with us—for us! And, He has won the battle bringing salvation and revealing His righteousness. Indeed, He wins the battle for us and makes us righteous and having salvation.

Verses 4-9: Therefore, let all the people of God, let all the earth make a joyful noise and praise the LORD. The creation no longer groans under the burden of sin and the declared righteous ones rejoice in their deliverance from sin and death. This is a beautiful reality that also holds the tension of the “now” and the “not yet” for the child of God. Come LORD Jesus!

He is the Champion who comes to the battle field and fights the battle for us—not with us—for us!

98:1 מִזְמוֹר (miz-Mor) “psalm; melody; (song)”
שִׁירוּ (Shi-ru) root: שִׁיר (sheer) Qal: “to sing; sing in a praising manner”
שִׁיר (shir) “song; sing a new song”
חָדָשׁ (Cha-dosh) “new; fresh”
נִפְלָאוֹת (nif-la-ot) root: פלא (paw-law) Niphal: “wonderful act; marvelous thing; miraculous act”
וּזְרוֹעַ (u-ze-Ro-a) “arm”

98:2 הוֹדִיעַ (ho-Di-a) root: ידע (yaw-dah) Hophal: “to know” The Hophal has the causative sense and is the passive of the Hiphil: “(The LORD) has caused to make known”
יְשׁוּעָתוֹ (ye-shu-a-To) “help; salvation” With the verbal suffix: “His salvation”
צִדְקָתוֹ (tzid-ka-To) “righteousness” With the verbal suffix: “His righteousness”

98:3 וֶאֱמוּנָתוֹ (ve-e-mu-na-To) “trustworthiness; faithfulness” With the verbal suffix: “His faithfulness”
אַפְסֵי (af-sei) “end; extreme” Plural in construct: “The ends of...”

98:4 הָרִיעוּ (ha-Ri-u) root: רוע (roo-ah) Hiphil: “to rejoice; shout; cheer” Sometimes translated as, “Make a joyful noise”
פִּצְחוּ (pitz-Chu) root: פצח (paw-tsakh) Qal: “to be happy; be cheerful; break forth with (out of happiness)”
וְרַנְּנוּ (ve-ran-ne-Nu) root: רנן (raw-nan) Piel: “to exult; make a ringing cry”
וְזַמֵּרוּ (ve-zam-Me-ru) root: זמר (zaw-mar) Piel: “to sing; play an instrument”

98:5 בְּכנּוֹר (be-chin-Nor) from: כִּנּוֹר (kin-nore) “lyre; zither”
זִמְרָה (zim-Rah) “melody; song; sound”

98:6 בַּחֲצֹצרוֹת (ba-cha-Tzo-tze-rot) “trumpet; clarion”
שׁוֹפָר (sho-Far) “ram’s horn; horn” This horn was used for a call to battle and later as a call to worship.

98:7 יִרְעַם (yir-Am) root: רעם (raw-am) Qal: “to roar; rage; thunder”
וּמְלֹאוֹ (u-me-lo-O) Qal: “to be full; to fill; make full”
תֵּבֵל (te-Vel) “world”

98:8 יִמְחֲאוּ (yim-cha-u) root: מחא (maw-khaw) Qal: “to clap; strike”
יַחַד (Ya-chad) “all together; all at once; together”
יְרַנֵּנוּ(ye-ran-Ne-nu) “to exult; make a ringing cry” (see verse 4)

98:9 בְּמֵישָׁרִים (be-mei-sha-Rim) “fairness; equity”


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