1. Psalm 36 Kirsten Ford sings "From the Waters of Eden"
  2. In our catastrophes - whatever they may be, however large or small they are - we cry out for rescue, deliverance, and salvation.
  3. Psalm 27 John Andrew Schreiner sings "The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation"
  4. Psalm 147 meditates on God's wondrous rule over all of His creation, and His loving care for His children.
  5. In this encouraging episode, Chad looks at our resumes and what on earth gives us value.
  6. Does God play favorites? It can sure seem that way sometimes.
  7. Part one of a two part meditation on this grace filled Psalm. John Andrew Schreiner sings "Your Mercy Is Over Us".
  8. What does it mean to embrace correction? What is true friendship?
  9. Every Psalm is about adoration in Christ. This psalm, with its resounding, all-encompassing call to praise, forms a glorious doxology for our Easter preaching.
  10. Evil surrounds us and wells up within us. Where do we turn?
  11. All the flock rejects this lamb, except the shepherd. A good shepherd, when they see this happening, takes the little lamb from the flock and holds it in their arms.
  12. What dies King David think about when his enemies are pursuing him?

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