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In the Ring: Preaching and Creating Community

Ringside Preachers and Craft of Preaching join forces to bring you this special


Gospel: Mark 5:21-43 (Pentecost 6: Series B)

It would be appropriate in your sermon to emphasize this woman’s suffering. But even more important will be to emphasize Jesus’ gracious response to her.

Gospel: Mark 4:35-41 (Pentecost 5: Series B)

Sometimes a little disturbance can help God’s people to find renewed comfort in His promises and a revitalized vigor for a life of faithful obedience to the One who rules the wind and waves.

Gospel: Mark 4:26-34 (Pentecost 4: Series B)

In Christ, God forgives, and those He forgives He incorporates into His missiological reign. Which means He uses your congregation (and your church body) to increasingly become a place of welcome for all.

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