1. Preaching is the first line of defense and catechetical offensive against these corrosive falsehoods.
  2. Idol Talk. In this episode, we return to Simone Weil’s book, Gravity and Grace. Idolatry is the topic of conversation. What is an idol? In what ways does idolatry infiltrate our churches, and what are the consequences? How do we guard against it?
  3. Into The Mystic. In this episode, we read and discuss the crucifixion as interpreted by Simone Weil, an anarchist, philosopher, and mystic.
  4. The Right Man for The Job. In this episode, we finish reading and discussing Leo the Great’s Lenten sermon about Christ’s two natures. What happens when the old Adam adds to Scripture’s witness to Jesus’ two natures?
  5. God Really Bodies Our Salvation. In this episode, we read and discuss a Lenten sermon from Leo the Great. What happens when the two natures of Christ are divided?
  6. God will forever be man. While you think about that, take a listen to our recent episode on the elevation of human beings on Christmas, Mary’s unique role, and ministering to public servants unable to be home for Christmas.
  7. Knowing who Jesus is allows us to be reassured of our salvation. Jesus is both true God and true man, in a mysterious way that cannot be fully understood. "Bad words" about Jesus result in heresy and are destructive to your faith.
  8. God is not an impassive monster who is unfamiliar with our horrendous ailments. Rather, in Christ, God familiarizes himself with our suffering and becomes particularly attuned to the fragility of fallen humanity.
  9. Though not without his faults, Anselm of Canterbury is unquestionably one of the great theologians of the last millennium.
  10. Meet God in the flesh. Troy and Craig have a Merry Christmas program revolving around the Gospels of Luke and John as they discuss many facets of God in the flesh, in the face of Christ as He became one of us. Behold the Son of God and the Son of Mary who has come to be the final sacrifice of all time to give His salvation for you.
  11. Preach the full council of God even as it focuses on the Virgin Mary who was the virginal handmaid of the Lord and through whom Immanuel, “God with us,” happens.
  12. Understanding the doctrine of the hypostatic union can help us understand what God is up to in the Incarnation.

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