1. The experience of being a sinner and a saint.
  2. Craig and Troy work out the very nature of the Christian faith . . . but maybe it's not what you thought it was.
  3. Kelsi speaks with 1517 Senior Scholar in Residence, Dr. Steven Paulson, about the somewhat understated and yet essential Reformation idea that the Christian is simul iustus et peccator (simul), or simultaneously sinner and saint in this life.
  4. And We Are Live! In this episode, we go live for Holy Week and answer listeners' questions: election, repentance, the church, law and gospel, and on and on we go.
  5. Renowned Luther scholar and professor emeritus of Systematic Theology at Concordia Seminary St. Louis, Dr. Robert Kolb, sits down with Kelsi to discuss two kinds of righteousness (or two fold righteousness).
  6. Mary is blessed, because Mary knows the way God works and because she knows His promises, and she knows that in her womb grows her savior.
  7. For the Galatians, adding circumcision to their faith in Jesus was their confidence. But adding anything to Jesus gets you nothing.
  8. Romans 7 is a pivotal chapter in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul laments that he keeps doing the sinful things that he hates and the good things that wants to do, he doesn't. Then we discover that the more godly one is, the less one sees oneself to be godly. Funny how that works. Join Craig and Troy as they talk about all of these topics and more.
  9. Paul roots the Christian’s death to the law in baptism and makes a scandalous claim that the law arouses sin in people.

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