1. Dr. Paulson discusses how some theology distrusts the literal meaning of Scripture.
  2. Christ's words of exclusive salvation are not just a warning but a sure promise for you.
  3. Only by accurately and honestly reporting the views of those with whom we disagree can we then properly address and refute them. This is the approach Solberg has taken.
  4. Sola Ministries ASU
  5. The whole of the Scriptures are interpreted through the lens of the Law and the Gospel.
  6. Some explanations are better than others, but they remain our explanations—except if we had some perspective from outside, above, and behind nature.
  7. When I finished this book, I loved the Bible, and the Bible’s author, even more. And I can’t imagine a better endorsement than that.
  8. Today on the show, we remember the invention and publication that made Johann Gutenberg “the man of the Millennium.”
  9. Lexham Press associate publisher, Todd Hains, joins Kelsi in this episode to discuss his book, Martin Luther and the Rule of Faith
  10. Today on the show, we have a special mailbag episode about the daily lectionary.
  11. Torah! Torah! Torah! In this episode, we discuss the book, Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus: How the Torah (Law) Fulfills its Goal in Yeshua (Jesus). This time it’s all about how to read and exegete the Scriptures to reveal the purpose and goal of the Torah and what that means for us today.
  12. Today we talk about John's imprisonment and his doubts about Christ as the messiah.

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