1. Lexham Press associate publisher, Todd Hains, joins Kelsi in this episode to discuss his book, Martin Luther and the Rule of Faith
  2. Today on the show, we have a special mailbag episode about the daily lectionary.
  3. Torah! Torah! Torah! In this episode, we discuss the book, Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus: How the Torah (Law) Fulfills its Goal in Yeshua (Jesus). This time it’s all about how to read and exegete the Scriptures to reveal the purpose and goal of the Torah and what that means for us today.
  4. Today we talk about John's imprisonment and his doubts about Christ as the messiah.
  5. Caleb, Scott, and Adam are joined by John Hoyum to talk about how churches across the world read and preach the Bible.
  6. Today on the show, we to the mailbag for a special Tuesday edition with a question about the Apocrypha.
  7. Today on the show, we remember the debut of the best-selling English translation of the Bible.
  8. Join Kelsi as she talks with 1517 Executive Director, Dr. Scott Keith, about how to interpret the Bible, specifically those really confusing, shocking, and tough texts.
  9. Peter, Jesus & the end of John.
  10. Surprise! You are the new king!

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