1. Satan didn't lie, but he told Adam and Eve exactly what would happen. The only thing he didn't say is whether or not they would like it.
  2. Excerpt #3 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  3. Excerpt #2 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  4. Excerpt #1 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  5. Is the serpent in Genesis 3 just a snake or Satan? Does the Hebrew refer to "the satan" or "Satan"? And does it make a difference? Let's take a look at the Old Testament, early Jewish literature, and the New Testament for the answers.
  6. "You have little faith" really just means "You think you have a small Jesus." What Jesus promises He is able to do.
  7. Wrestling alone puts us always at a disadvantage and every wrestling face-off needs a referee. Pastors are called to be such referees for their people.
  8. Jesus doubles down on being Lord of the Sabbath, and the Pharisees call Him satanic. But that makes no sense! Jesus is not satanic, He's the One who binds Satan and steals his stuff.
  9. The true liberty that Christ gives to us through the gospel is not political. It is spiritual freedom. It is freedom from fear of God's judgment and wrath.
  10. Apathy, melancholy, and disillusionment plague the footsteps of the up-and-coming generations more than ever, especially in the realm of religion, and it’s worth asking, “Why?”
  11. Satan had so much success in deceiving the first Adam he figures he can do the same with the Second Adam. But Jesus won't play Satan's game according to Satan's rules.
  12. Jesus overcame sin, death, and Satan on the cross. His bloody suffering and death marked this sinful world's defeat.

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