1. The love of God in Christ Jesus never changes. That love is for you.
  2. That Jesus is risen from the dead means, now and forever, Satan is bound, and it is determined he has no right to try to have a say in our lives.
  3. Satan Drives Out Satan? In this episode, we dig deep into Jesus’ question, Can Satan drive out Satan? With the help of Rene Gerard’s book, I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightening. This episode goes into some extremely deep waters regarding the mimetic tradition, the nature of sacrifice, scapegoating, Satan’s power, and Jesus’ crucifixion.
  4. This hymn is not for people who feel strong, but those who are weak.
  5. Human history, our history, is the story of two Adams with two very different encounters with the devil.
  6. Satan didn't lie, but he told Adam and Eve exactly what would happen. The only thing he didn't say is whether or not they would like it.
  7. Excerpt #3 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  8. Excerpt #2 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  9. Excerpt #1 from the new book “Withertongue Emails" by Donavon Riley.
  10. Is the serpent in Genesis 3 just a snake or Satan? Does the Hebrew refer to "the satan" or "Satan"? And does it make a difference? Let's take a look at the Old Testament, early Jewish literature, and the New Testament for the answers.
  11. "You have little faith" really just means "You think you have a small Jesus." What Jesus promises He is able to do.
  12. Wrestling alone puts us always at a disadvantage and every wrestling face-off needs a referee. Pastors are called to be such referees for their people.

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