Robert Kolb

Robert Kolb (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is mission professor of systematic theology emeritus at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the author and co-author of numerous books.


Robert Kolb and Two Kinds of Righteousness

Renowned Luther scholar and professor emeritus of Systematic Theology at


Melanchthon Nerds

Today you’ll hear the giddy voice of Dr. Keith and the calm demeanor of Dr.


Drs. Kolb and Siemon-Netto talk Two Kingdoms

Hallo! This week the Thinking Fellows are in Germany as special guests to the


Preaching Us Beyond our Comfort Zones

God is placing us in new situations. His unchanging and utterly reliable Word provides our only anchor.

Justification as Purification

Jesus purifies His own and ends their identification as unfit to appear in His presence or in front of other people as the person we identify as our true self.

Conversations During the Sermon

The gift of publicly serving as minister of God’s Word for the people we are called to serve brings us endless blessings, but like many blessings it brings also the sense of responsibility that takes seriously the challenge of accurate communication of what the Lord is saying to us from the pages of Scripture.

The Alien and the Proper: Luther’s Two-Fold Righteousness in Controversy, Ministry, and Citizenship


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