1. Confession is not another ecclesiastical bludgeon but is instead a gift. There we can tell the truth about ourselves, knowing that Christ has only mercy for us in response.
  2. Luther had a living Word from God intended to land squarely among sinners.
  3. Christ powerless on the Cross is where the false definitions of glory theologies are exposed and everything is turned upside down.
  4. The firestorm of the Reformation which turned Europe upside-down was not Luther’s doing. It was the Word, and the Spirit working through it.
  5. Luther’s confessions and writings during that time demonstrated the diagnosis of the problem he faced had always been the same.
  6. God’s design in the Law is to enable man to know himself; to perceive the false and unjustified state of his heart; to discover how far he is from God and to disdain his own goodness.
  7. Because Jesus has set us free, we enjoy a freedom of movement in His world, under His grace, that loosens our tongues to sing His praise.
  8. Aquinas would craft a systematic theology that did with the matter of faith what Aristotle had done with the natural world.
  9. Grace remits sin, and peace quiets the conscience. Sin and conscience torment us, but Christ has overcome these fiends now and forever.
  10. Christ is present in the pure preaching of the gospel. And if Christ is present, then we have entered into the domain of the sacraments.
  11. Is it possible to celebrate Thanksgiving every time we come together as God’s people as well?
  12. The Reformation was yet another era of history when God’s people were faced with the question that Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?”

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