1. Today, we talk about the first encounter of Jesus with John the Baptist.
  2. The first episode of Preaching the Text introduces the hosts, Dr. Steven Paulson and Pr. John Hoyum, as they start this new study of the Sunday lectionary texts.
  3. On this episode, Dr. Paulson discusses how sin and the devil are not compulsory forces.
  4. In this episode, Paulson discusses why God hides the Gospel.
  5. In this episode, Paulson uncovers the "cold treatment" for predestination sickness.
  6. In this episode, Paulson identifies the worry that all religion tries to answer "Am I chosen by God?"
  7. Dr. Paulson explores another violent metaphor from Luther, the arrow of conviction.
  8. What happens when the knowledge of the Law doesn't bring power?
  9. If God ever forgives you, it is not just allowing you to start over and try harder the second time, but it is a whole, new, complete justification that is given as a free gift and without any work of our own—outside the law.