1. In between boarding up your windows and hauling 5 lb. drums of peanut butter down to your basement, grab a hot rum toddy, pull your muck boots up, and inject yourself with a little reality in Jesus with the Preachers.
  2. On this Holy Thursday, join in the discussion about Jesus' final meal with his disciples and the gifts he has prepared for them. Cindy and her kids continue to walk alongside the story of Jesus and his sacrifice for the sin of the world.
  3. Holy Saturday is the pause between the pain of God Friday and the joy of Easter morning. Discuss the early morning discoveries of Mary and the disciples with Cindy and her kids as we all await the announcement of Jesus' resurrection!
  4. Why is this called Good Friday? Take a moment to ponder the crucifixtion of Jesus on this dark, holy night. Cindy and her kids have a discussion about the sad reality of death we must experience in our world, in preparation for the celebration of the final victory on Easter!
  5. Explore the traditions of Palm Sunday with Cindy and her kids during our week of preparation before Easter! The Journey of Jesus begins today when he triumphantly rides into Jerusalem and it takes him straight to the cross. Have this conversation with your family as we walk closer to the great resurrection celebration!
  6. One gloomy, silent night, God stepped into our darkness. The Word had not only spoken but was now made flesh.
  7. Maundy Thursday is only the beginning of the long, grievous road Jesus must take before “it is finished” three days later.
  8. The great steadfast love of God is shown by His work on the cross
  9. But the Creator of life and breath does not wait for Moses to identify with worthiness.
  10. The sweet aroma of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ overpowers the icy winds that seek to destroy.

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