1. This is an excerpt from the Sinner/Saint Advent Devotional (1517 Publishing, 2022). Now available for purchase!
  2. Isaiah speaks to our time. He speaks to our rejoicing now and an anticipated joy-filled future. Christ’s coming, Christmas, brings them both.
  3. We’ve hung on every whisper of hope that this way of life would end and a new one would rise to take its place.
  4. So let’s go to dark Gethsemane. For there we see that even in his greatest moment of weakness, Jesus is our only source of strength. He drinks the cup of wrath so we can drink the cup of grace.
  5. The following is an excerpt from “The Sinner/Saint Lenten Devotional” written by Kyle G. Jones and Kathy (Strauch) Morales (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  6. This article begins an eight-part series inspired by the Lenten themes of catechesis, prayer, and repentance found in the Lord’s Prayer as Luther taught it in his Small Catechism.
  7. Should we really be surprised that it would happen this way, that the servant would suffer for our salvation and die for our forgiveness?
  8. Despite its familiarity and frequent usage, the imagery in "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," is often underappreciated.
  9. His kingdom is not one of force and might for our exploitation and his gain, but one of his patience and long-suffering for our benefit.
  10. When it comes to confessing the truth of the Christian faith, Christians are given the words. We don’t have to formulate them ourselves.
  11. On Holy Trinity Sunday, God draws our attention, not to the inner workings of the Trinity, but the outer workings of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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