1. This is an edited excerpt from Addendum A, “The Church Year,” On Any Given Sunday: The Story of Christ in the Divine Service, written by Michael Berg (1517 Publishing, 2023), pgs. 113-120.
  2. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO, Mike and Wade discuss Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sunday. What's the significance of these two days in the church year?
  3. THE 105 Intro to Scripture – Audio 001: Nativities and John the Baptizer
  4. Mike, Wade, and Greg (Lyon) discuss time and the church year.
  5. Mike and Wade are joined once again by Rev. Dr. Paul Lehninger, who teaches with Wade an Mike at Wisconsin Lutheran College in the theology department.
  6. God says, “Cross,” and we say, “Glory!” Sometimes – a lot of times – he knocks the glory glasses off our faces.