1. On this Good Friday, we take a moment to pause and consider Christ's crucifixion and death . . . done for you.
  2. Mary is blessed, because Mary knows the way God works and because she knows His promises, and she knows that in her womb grows her savior.
  3. What is Christmas all about? It's inconceivable, but nevertheless about Christ being conceived. The word of God was promised, and that promise was Jesus.
  4. It's kind of like Peter's main job at this point is to be an example of what not to do. Praise God that Jesus is and does more than we can imagine. Special guest appearance by Producer Lou.
  5. In honor of the upcoming Reformation Day, Craig and Troy discuss the history, background, and gospel importance of the Lutheran Reformation.
  6. Does God come that we might serve Him, or that He might serve man? Craig and Troy revisit the end of Matthew 3 to bring out the implications of what it means for Jesus to serve us by fulfilling all righteousness.
  7. God doesn't demand that you wash yourself and come up to Him in holiness, but instead He comes all the way down to you in the filth of your sin.
  8. . . . but the joke's on Herod. Joseph takes Mary and baby Jesus to refuge in Egypt, and all that happens in Matthew 2 is done in order to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.
  9. King Herod's rule is threatened when the Magi come to worship the one born King of the Jews. But did they spill the beans?
  10. Matthew tells us how Jesus came from a proud and glorious lineage of . . . well, of prostitutes, thieves, and murderers as well as kings and prophets, all of whom happen to be God's people. Jesus reaches all the way down into our humanity so that He can fulfill everything for us.
  11. Humanism, Scholasticism, ad fontes . . . how did we get to the 95 Theses and what does this mean? You can read what Luther never intended you to see in the 95 Theses.
  12. "Holy Week" might sound fancy and super-churchy, but it really just boils down to one thing: Jesus Christ for you. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and give us a great review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Email us: ForYouRadio@1517.org www.1517.org/foryou St. James Lutheran Church www.stjameslcms.church St. Peter's Lutheran Church www.Stpeterslc.org We're proud to be a podcast of 1517.org podcasts.