1. Ash Wednesday, is meant to remind us we have a death problem. All living things made from the soil shall return to it.
  2. Epiphany celebrates that we have not been left in our hearts’ cold darkness and this spoiled creation.
  3. In the upper room, Jesus revealed himself as the Lord of the dirty business of life.
  4. Ashes and dust do not need the services of spiritual EMTs; we need a Second Adam from whom we regain life itself.
  5. Thomas was without a doubt a skeptic. And he was a skeptic without a doubt.
  6. Epiphany teaches us that when God’s peace advances, spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness does not decline. It increases.
  7. Zechariah’s prophecy about John’s ministry also comes to us in the fullness of our time.
  8. So, on this Good Friday, our sinful self and all our sins rest with Jesus here in His tomb. Our transgressions are fully atoned.
  9. Every day for the baptized is a good day to die."
  10. What comes to us at Christmas is not a great seasonal bargain to enhance our happy holidays. It is the priceless gift of God’s Son.
  11. The story of Christ crucified has a happy ending. Jesus has conquered the grave. He beat the death rap.
  12. What would be a fitting thing to give up, especially during the season of Lent?

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