1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO, Mike and Wade discuss Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sunday. What's the significance of these two days in the church year?
  2. Sometimes loss is gain. Sometimes defeat is victory. Sometimes weakness is strength. Sometimes death is life. Sometimes, that is, when Christ is at the center, on his cross and not in his tomb.
  3. What grace is this? It’s grace from Christ, who often seizes us when we least expect it, even through the hands of His enemies.
  4. God is mercy. He was mercy then. He’s mercy now. God showed them His glory, if only a reflection, in the face of Moses.
  5. Here, robed in Word and Sacrament, is your King, infant though He be, come out of eternity into time to bring you out of time and into eternity.
  6. You are not in debt to sin. You don’t owe it anything. There’s no reason for you to serve it.
  7. While the world and other religions might be fine with considering him everything but, the foremost thing our Jesus came to be and still remains is Jesus, Savior.
  8. Moses was sent to keep the house in order, but this Child is sent to bring the house home, and you are part of that house, the household of God.
  9. The thought of losing even one of those for whom his Son died pains God beyond belief, and the angels rejoice when even one of his children repents.
  10. “The days are coming,” and God said it. God, who kept his promise that Christ would come at Christmas.
  11. THE 105 Intro to Scripture – Audio 001: Nativities and John the Baptizer
  12. Mike, Wade, and Greg (Lyon) discuss time and the church year.

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