1. Let’s Not Talk About Love. In this episode, we discuss R.C. Sproul’s Christmas sermon wherein he preaches on the Gospel of Luke chapter 2. The espresso kicked in early, and we read through the whole sermon before diving deep into the distinction between exposition and proclamation, so buckle up. Riley talks too much while Gillespie exercises patience and restraint.
  2. Is It Too Early for Jesus’ Birth? In this episode, we read excerpts from various early church fathers on Jesus’ birth, with a heavy emphasis on the historicity of God’s incarnation. What part did earthly signs play in announcing Jesus’ birth? Why did it matter to the early fathers that God was born on an actual day, in an actual place, at an actual time? Do we at the present place the same emphasis as the early fathers on Jesus’ birth?
  3. It’s Addressed To You. Open It! In this episode, we discuss Martin Luther’s sermon on Luke 2 for Christmas afternoon. What’s the consequence of the “to you” and “for you” of Luke’s Gospel message for Christians?
  4. They Call Me… Tim. In this episode, we discuss Tim Keller’s sermon, The Purpose of Christmas. Does it matter that Jesus’ birth is a historical fact? What’s the difference between an eyewitness account and a legend? What are we really preaching at Christmas, and why should anyone care?
  5. Can We Just Have A Civil Christmas? In the episode, what was Christmas like during the Civil War? Puritans, holiday traditions, and why the Church is an incarnate Church.
  6. Have Yourself A Very Enlightened Christmas. In this episode, an examination of the impact of the Enlightenment on the Church, especially the preaching and traditions of Advent and Christmas.
  7. It’s Christmas in Germany for Hitler. In this episode, a historical examination of Christmas in Germany during the Nazi regime, including new hymns, advent calendars, the emergence of Wotan, and Hitler’s Silent Night.
  8. Christmas? This Is Pretty Much The Whole Package. Gillespie and Riley read and so discuss Augustine’s sermon “Why Celebrate Christmas?” This episode, more rabbit trails, laughs, and discussion of Psalm 85 as the perfect Christmas sermon text.
  9. Break the cycle. Rise above. Focus on Christ in the manger. In their monumental 100th episode, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss G.K. Chesterton’s “The Christmas Ballads.” This episode, it’s a lot of incarnation talk and a few rabbit trails along the way.
  10. In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss C.S. Lewis’ thoughts on God being born a man.
  11. The Brutal, Humiliating, Joyous Christmas Gospel! Gillespie and Riley return this week with another episode dedicated to Martin Luther's Christmas sermon. This time, they dig into the underlying brutality of the Christmas Gospel, Mary's humiliation, and Joseph's dilemma.
  12. Christmas: the Perfect Time of Year for a Theologian of the Cross! In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read from a Christmas sermon by their favorite heretic, Martin Luther. They discuss Mary's example of how God makes theologians of the cross through suffering, oppression, weakness, and hopelessness.

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