1. Today on the show, we look at the Feast of the Innocents or Childermas.
  2. In this episode of Preaching the Text, Steve Paulson and John Hoyum discuss Matthew's account of the slaughter of infant boys by Herod at Bethlehem, along with the flight of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to Egypt.
  3. Pastor Sheek Teaches On Luke Chapter 2:1-21
  4. Christmas According to Saint John.
  5. Christmas According to Saint John.
  6. Let’s Not Talk About Love. In this episode, we discuss R.C. Sproul’s Christmas sermon wherein he preaches on the Gospel of Luke chapter 2. The espresso kicked in early, and we read through the whole sermon before diving deep into the distinction between exposition and proclamation, so buckle up. Riley talks too much while Gillespie exercises patience and restraint.
  7. Is It Too Early for Jesus’ Birth? In this episode, we read excerpts from various early church fathers on Jesus’ birth, with a heavy emphasis on the historicity of God’s incarnation. What part did earthly signs play in announcing Jesus’ birth? Why did it matter to the early fathers that God was born on an actual day, in an actual place, at an actual time? Do we at the present place the same emphasis as the early fathers on Jesus’ birth?
  8. Today we learn of the mystery of Christ become flesh. Our normal inclination is to think of God beyond our comprehension in holy majesty – too far above for us to imagine.

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