1. Dr. Paulson outlines some of the major interpretive issues of modern Bible historians.
  2. The Thinking Fellows continue their conversation on Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism.
  3. Caleb, Scott, Adam, and Bruce discuss J. Gresham Machen's work Christianity and Liberalism. 
  4. Following Augustine's proposition that prayer can lead to a cooperative relationship between God's will and man's, Paulson, the alternative prayer that Luther highlights with the petition "Thy will be done."
  5. Dr. Paulson discusses Augustine's turn toward a Law that does not accuse.
  6. For the next several episodes, Dr. Paulson will focus on Augustine.
  7. Caleb and Scott read through the first several articles of the Smalcald Articles.
  8. On this episode, Caleb and Scott complete their comments on the Augsburg Confession and the Apology.
  9. As Dr. Paulson works through chapter 6, he explains the difference between God lending out his power and proclaiming God's use of his power.
  10. Scott and Caleb continue to talk about the Augsburg confession and the Apology.
  11. Philip Bartelt and John Hoyum join Caleb to read and discuss the Third Article of the Apostles' Creed.
  12. Caleb is joined by John Hoyum and Kelsi Klembara to talk about Luther’s explanation of the first article of the Apostles Creed.

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