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  1. For preachers with ears to hear and eyes to see, good stories are all around us.
  2. For preachers, the inspirational element of good stories is particularly vital. But how do they do it?
  3. People enjoy listening to stories. We probably should tell stories. But why? What is it about stories that resonates and how can we tell them better?
  4. Speaking a specific message of grace in the Absolution is a chance to bring the healing balm of the Gospel not just to generic ills, but to the particular pain point exposed by the Law on this day.
  5. As we “seed” the sermon, we see week-by-week how the creative act is finally not ours at all. Though we can do our level best to prepare the soil, the words and thoughts and ideas take root and bear fruit according to gracious forces well beyond our control.

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