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  1. Underlying the particular strategies of these missionaries was a more fundamental approach to proclamation, one contemporary preachers need to reclaim.
  2. For all his theological and literary works, Giertz was always a preacher at heart. He recognized the pulpit was the perpetual fount of the Church’s faith.
  3. Just as shoddy builders can get by at times with subpar work, so also shoddy preachers can occasionally offer up half-baked homiletic hash.
  4. Preachers can more deliberately make time to meditate deeply and quiet the clatter which keeps us from hearing the still, small voice of the Spirit.
  5. Time devoted to planning, to say nothing of prayer, pays-off in the long run many times over. If ever there was a vocation that need not be in a hurry, it is the cure of souls.

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