1. This divine self-attestation is, in other words, the Lord preaching the Word of the Lord; the Christ of the Gospel preaching the Gospel of Christ.
  2. Our stories, be they never so inspiring or worthy of emulation, should never be equated with proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Gospel Jesus Christ commissioned to be proclaimed.
  3. The challenges of meeting severe crises and the hurdles which dare us to say something meaningful to the satisfied and richly blessed can make us wonder what we are really there to do as we come into the pulpit.
  4. Long does not see the parables as riddles to be explained, but truth of God’s Kingdom to be proclaimed.
  5. I found in Jonathan Edwards an unexpected voice articulating beautiful aspects of death through the lens of Christ.
  6. There are some commentaries preachers ought not be without. One of those is Mark Seifrid's commentary on 2 Corinthians!
  7. By death the Christian is brought to the actual possession of all his happiness, which is nothing other than Christ and all the benefits Christ has procured for His saints.
  8. One now finds Edwards frequently commenting on the beautiful things about nature, life, and Christ, and he also manifests a creative perception of beauty when considering the most morose of topics: Death.
  9. Preaching the Trinity as the God who gives of Himself for us will lead to a joyful confession of faith and true doxology.
  10. Happy Pentecost reading as, by the Spirit’s power and promise, you prepare to preach Christ Jesus, the One to whom the Comforter bears witness!
  11. The Ascension of our Lord teaches how Heaven and Earth overlap and interlock and finally will be visibly joined together forever.
  12. As Christians, we are given another future. It is not a posthuman epic, but a future given us in the resurrection of the One who is both God and man from the dead, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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