1. God is placing us in new situations. His unchanging and utterly reliable Word provides our only anchor.
  2. As we “seed” the sermon, we see week-by-week how the creative act is finally not ours at all. Though we can do our level best to prepare the soil, the words and thoughts and ideas take root and bear fruit according to gracious forces well beyond our control.
  3. The church year anchors preaching in God’s historical acts of salvation guarding both the preacher and the hearers from arid rationalism and egocentric flights inward.
  4. More than once, as I have listened while driving, this podcast prompted me to pull over in order to make some notes.
  5. Those fifteen minutes in the pulpit are a labor of love on behalf of God’s people. You are trying to cook up something that will satisfy, if not delight, and not just homiletic milkshakes but solid, Scriptural steaks.
  6. Other non-Jews received healings, and these miracle-events illustratively preached the Gospel each time. Certainly, Jesus will jump on this opportunity, right? Wrong…at least for the moment.
  7. The gift of publicly serving as minister of God’s Word for the people we are called to serve brings us endless blessings, but like many blessings it brings also the sense of responsibility that takes seriously the challenge of accurate communication of what the Lord is saying to us from the pages of Scripture.
  8. In the pulpit a preacher who is making eye contact, preaching by heart, speaking “to” you and not merely “at” you, you feel like you can trust this guide.
  9. Preaching justification by faith should not exclude the truth of regeneration, as if justification were an altogether separate phenomenon that took place sometime before and regeneration taking place later.
  10. The castaway senses he needs something more. And what he needs more, much more, than mere help with acclimating himself to life on the island is a message which transcends the island.
  11. Twenty-first century North American believers face challenges unique in the history of God’s people, for we have an abundance of the material gifts of God unparalleled in human history.
  12. Preaching ought, therefore, to be regarded not as the second-class stepsister to academic theology, but as its pioneering elder brother.

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