1. This is an excerpt from “Encouragement for Motherhood, Devotional Writings on the Work of Christ” edited by Katie Koplin (1517 Publishing, 2024) available for purchase today.
  2. No plot spoilers here just some really Good News
  3. While we wait in tribulation for our white robes (or pants) to be washed in the blood of the Lamb, we confess to one another our seen and unseen stains.
  4. Just like for Mordecai and Esther, our lives are also sustained by the hand of God in the ordinary, in events begging to be seen as the work of Christ in our lives.
  5. The list of things our kids need to know when they leave the house is much simpler than we might believe.
  6. We won’t use the right words, but the Holy Spirit is interceding with and for us, as we pray.
  7. This is the second installment in our series profiling women in the Bible (Who are not named Ruth or Esther). Both the stories of Ruth and Esther are beautiful, gracious, and profound. We love reading and rereading them. However, in an attempt to bring attention to more stories of more women throughout the Scriptures, we choose now to shift our focus.
  8. Questions of our purpose and significance as a church abound with fewer and fewer people in the pews.
  9. We can not give our Heavenly Father anything that will make him love us more or less. He gives and we receive.
  10. The law is good and holy but so often when we are “shoulding” on one another, we actually are just going to end up “burning” each other’s fields.
  11. I can look at all of my failings and foolishness because I know who Christ is for me. I rest in his wisdom and life not my own.
  12. Regardless of my experience, my talents, or even my mood, it’s these gifts of Christ that I have to give away. They are all I have, and they are everything.