1. Whatever body part you are, the body of Christ is no pod person. Together, we’re a living, breathing, deathless whole.
  2. I will continue to cling to the only hope I’ve ever truly had: that Jesus is my Lord and yours.
  3. In the quiet of your own uptown, where your own sins bear down on you and create a troubled conscience before the world, before others, and before God, your Lord reaches across the chasm of brokenness to take your hand.
  4. The following is an excerpt from Ken Sundet Jones’ chapter in “Who Am I?” written by Scott Ashmon (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  5. Christ isn’t preached in his glory but in his ignominy, his utter shame, degradation, and desolation.
  6. In some measure, if Luther had any success during his last two decades, it happened because of the woman who’d insisted on him as her bridegroom.
  7. Her importance goes beyond simply managing the reformer’s household.