1. The Man Who Sold The World. In this episode, we discuss what attachment to things rather than Christ gets us while reading George Macdonald’s Unspoken Sermons. The conversation leads us through the topics of higher and lower things, bread-making, willing and wanting, God-gifted vocations, and how to properly end a sermon.
  2. One More Movie Reference Ought to Do It. In this episode, we discuss God’s Word and Armor. We return to Harold Ristau’s book, Spiritual Warfare: For the Care of Souls, to converse about God’s Word, ministry, being a soldier in the army of Christ, and angelic backup, and we make many movie references as we go!
  3. Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God. In this episode, we discuss tyranny and resistance while reading a book of the same title by Reformation scholar David Mark Whitford. What is tyranny? When are Christians called to resist tyranny, and what does that entail? Are there any standards by which a Christian may judge whether a government serves God or the devil?
  4. All In The Family. In this episode, we discuss marriage, vocation, and cute theology of the cross. How can Luther’s teaching and preaching on marriage and vocation help Christians at present waist the temptations of the world and Satan, which pervert and disrupt God’s will for marriage? What does baptism have to do with marriage? How does Luther’s formulation of marriage and family help Christians comprehend their relation to society and the state?
  5. Grace Means Never Having to Try Harder. In this episode, Martin Luther’s comments on the letter to the Galatians regarding God’s mercy and predestination.
  6. The stunning truth about God’s grace. In this episode, Luther’s comments about Galatians 1:15. What do we do when it’s revealed God chooses to be gracious to us while we are wicked and blasphemous?
  7. You’re A Wizard, Lucifer! In this episode, Martin Luther continues to commentate on the apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and his question, “Who has bewitched you...?”
  8. Satan Rules The World, And Is It’s God. In this episode, Martin Luther expands on the apostle Paul’s question to the Galatians, “Who has bewitched your...?”
  9. Just Sit Back and Let It Happen. In this episode, we continue our reading of Martin Luther’s Galatians lectures. This week, passive faith, internalizing virtue, and the law of the jungle.
  10. Free Will Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be. In this episode, more from Luther’s Galatians lectures. This week, God’s will, free will, identity, and taking the moral low ground.
  11. Free For It All. This week on the podcast, we continue our Lenten series on Christian freedom in Martin Luther’s Galatians lectures. In this episode, Gospel, Satan, and competing freedoms.
  12. Lent Is About Freedom. In this episode, we read Martin Luther’s 1525 Galatians commentary. Why is freedom a vulgar word to the old Adam? And we consider why freedom must be Lent's primary focus for Christians.

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