1. No, not that one . . . this is the other "s" word that no one wants to hear: submit.
  2. Craig and Troy return to the Table of Duties and discuss the vocations of family. How does God expect a Godly man to operate in his family? What does He expect of the wife? What does He expect of the children?
  3. Okay well . . . not really. But what do you owe your pastor? Craig and Troy begin a new series on the Table of Duties.
  4. Paul closes his letter to Timothy with a stern charge. But how will Timothy be able to fulfill his duties? (1 Timothy 6:11-20)
  5. As Paul begins to wind down his letter to Timothy, he discusses what should give us true contentment in 1 Timothy 6:1-10.
  6. Craig and Troy launch into a new mini-series on their favorite Scriptures . . . the ones that are the central themes of the faith
  7. The curse falls upon those whose faith is Christ-less. Craig and Troy wrestle with the illustration of the fig tree.
  8. . . . or are we an evil and adulterous generation? The difference is whether the Holy Spirit will cause us to hear the Word, or not
  9. Narrow gates, false prophets, and being denied by the Lord all stem from the same thing: the religion of "You." Craig and Troy work through some hard sayings in Jesus' sermon.
  10. You gotta serve/work for/obey/be of use to somebody . . . will it be for selfish gathering of treasures that fade and decay, or will it be service that comes from a sincere faith and a pure heart?
  11. Let's be honest: your Heavenly mansion is not going to be that big, and it gets smaller with every room addition that you plan. Craig and Troy work through Jesus' warnings to not be a hypocrite.
  12. "Joseph, being a just man, was unwilling to put her to shame." The young woman Mary turns up pregnant before the wedding, and what is a fiancé to do?

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