1. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss two important items from Matthew's gospel: Christ's rebuke of Peter and the importance of self-denial.
  2. Faith is like a horse with blinders because it only beholds God’s promise. It is obsessed with what God has already said.
  3. Dr. Paulson has one more Christmas story from Luther to share.
  4. Dr. Paulson talks about how monastic life and satisfaction for sin outside of Christ harm not only the gospel but our understanding of the law.
  5. In this episode, Paulson discusses the differences between humanist and scholastic dialoge on the limits of freedom.
  6. Caleb and Dr. Paulson wrap up their look at Aquinas and Luther on freedom.
  7. Dr. Paulson outlines the issues with Anselm's propositions on free will. The show ends with a conversation about Christian freedom and service to neighbor.
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