1. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE, Mike, Jason, and Wade discuss systems, faces, and vocations.
  2. Rejoice with Mary as she would rejoice with you. Be blessed, like her, with humility from God, so that you may serve joyfully and willingly wherever and in whatever role God has placed you.
  3. The optimism of a Christian extends beyond the deathbed and has its origin in a historical event without historical boundaries.
  4. The following is an excerpt adapted from “Let the Bird Fly” written by Wade Johnston (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  5. The following is an excerpt from “Let the Bird Fly” written by Wade Johnston (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  6. Welcome to Let the Bird Fly! a podcast about living freely in a world given back to us.
  7. Theology is a practical habit—that is, an aptitude cultivated to be applied in the real world in daily life.
  8. We expect God to try us, not for our crimes, but for our better moments.
  9. From political parties to sports teams, we know all too well how quickly we can ruin a good thing, turning a temporal allegiance into a spiritual one
  10. As much as the devil and doubts may assail me, God has revealed Himself to me in His Word and answered these pesky questions.
  11. On episode SEVENTY-NINE of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Wade hang in Wade’s backyard (this was record back when it was warm in Milwaukee still—too long ago!) to discuss an essay by J.P. Koehler, “Legalism Among Us.”

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