1. Loso is a hip-hop recording artist and one of the world's top battle rappers.
  2. The church is the only place God promises to lift us out of ourselves not in order to become more like God but so that we may finally be freed from our obsession with becoming little gods.
  3. We all know what I think (maybe) Rachel knows: Celebrating ourselves isn’t enough. It won’t ever be enough.
  4. Here We Still Stand is going ONLINE! Sign up today and get exclusive access to the 2020 Here We Still Stand Livestream.
  5. “I forgive you,” must be said and it must be said often in a marriage.
  6. Biblically speaking, we won’t find much evidence for a preordained spouse.
  7. Join hosts Chad Bird and Daniel Emery Price as they travel through the Old Testament one page at a time. Many people find these old books confusing, but in this podcast you will discover that everything God does and says is meant to fix your gaze on the promise of the coming Christ. You will discover that the Old Testament is actually about the love and grace of God toward sinners just like you and the hosts.

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