1. It would be appropriate in your sermon to emphasize this woman’s suffering. But even more important will be to emphasize Jesus’ gracious response to her.
  2. Sometimes a little disturbance can help God’s people to find renewed comfort in His promises and a revitalized vigor for a life of faithful obedience to the One who rules the wind and waves.
  3. In Christ, God forgives, and those He forgives He incorporates into His missiological reign. Which means He uses your congregation (and your church body) to increasingly become a place of welcome for all.
  4. To be a Christian, to be perfectly sane, is to appear in this world like you are crazy. That is, we will look and sound like Jesus.
  5. We live under one Lord, Jesus. We rejoice that He is a good Lord who loves, forgives, and cares for us
  6. Rather than trying to tie up all the uncertainties and challenges your hearers are facing into a neat little bow, you acknowledge the difficulties they face...even after the resurrection.
  7. Their interest in the one who had been raised turned to the One who did the raising. And meeting Jesus did not leave them unaffected.
  8. When we change the subject too quickly from the ugliness of the cross to its beauty, or from suffering to glory, problems arise.
  9. When we recognize the reality of our insignificance as individuals and as a human race, we begin to marvel and cherish this grace of God more fully.
  10. Belief in Jesus is no longer a given. Today, we need to make a case. Today, we must give an account.
  11. God’s Spirit, the Paraclete, works through the promises spoken by God’s people. Through those promises, He leads people to look for the Lord’s salvation.
  12. But miraculous as was Mary's faith and as extraordinary as was the manner of His conception, it is the identity and work of the boy which makes Him so significant, especially for your hearers.

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