1. Long does not see the parables as riddles to be explained, but truth of God’s Kingdom to be proclaimed.
  2. There are some commentaries preachers ought not be without. One of those is Mark Seifrid's commentary on 2 Corinthians!
  3. Happy Pentecost reading as, by the Spirit’s power and promise, you prepare to preach Christ Jesus, the One to whom the Comforter bears witness!
  4. As Christians, we are given another future. It is not a posthuman epic, but a future given us in the resurrection of the One who is both God and man from the dead, our Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. Using Easter means the peace of Christ is to be preached into the conscience of those held captive by sin and death.
  6. Behind the preacher stands Christ Jesus. Preachers listen to Jesus so that, in turn, they may preach Him, and their congregations may hear the voice of the Good Shepherd from the mouths of their pastors.
  7. A little time spent with this book might well prompt your imagination and stimulate meditation on the story of Christmas.
  8. God did not rend the heavens and come down to collect the righteous for Himself. He came from a lineage of sinners to be their Savior.
  9. All Christian preaching is done in view of the eschatological horizon as we proclaim the Lord who will return as the Judge of all in glory who can no longer be contradicted or denied.
  10. Those who have gone before us in the faith have no more need of absolution, for their baptisms have been brought to completion and they are eternally free from sin and done with death.
  11. If we take the article of justification out of the center, very soon we will not know why we are evangelical Christians or should remain so.-Hans J. Iwand
  12. The church year anchors preaching in God’s historical acts of salvation guarding both the preacher and the hearers from arid rationalism and egocentric flights inward.

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