1. This is the account God has been directing to accomplish the recovery of His global Kingdom and reestablish its rule through Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. In prayer, hymns, and readings we hear the great paradox of our faith: Christ is proclaimed the mighty King who reigns, not by way of the so-called “triumphal entry,” but from the cruciform tree of life, the Cross of Calvary.
  3. Look to the cross of Christ and there we see sin has been executed to death.
  4. The true religious experience of knowing the one and only living God in and through His Christ Jesus, produces true enlightenment.
  5. Christ saves the world even now from judgment and preserves it moment-by-moment for the potential salvation of many and, ultimately, the created order itself.
  6. We know how we stand before God, justified, or made just by Jesus’ blood. But there is a future reality too. We certainly will be saved in His judgment because we are justified.
  7. We don't make Church "happen." Only Christ can do so. It's his happening.
  8. Paul says he would inherit the entire world, not merely a little plot of land between Egypt and Syria. This is what God is after in the Messiah: All people and the entire Earth.
  9. During the last days, among the faithful, the resurrected Jesus is present in self-donation to assure the baptized that we ourselves are already participating in the new creation through Holy Baptism.
  10. You are part of a new type of humanity, let loose into the world through the life, death, and resurrection of King Jesus.
  11. The Transfiguration means no one must wait in uncertainty and darkness for the morning star to (re)appear.
  12. Whatever conclusions one may have regarding the earth and redemption, they must be understood as a consequence of the ongoing work and reality of the incarnate Son of God.

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