1. Christianity is not principally about ethics. It was the Cross on the Hill rather than the Sermon on the Mount which produced the impact of Christianity on the world.
  2. God's is the greatest love expressed through the greatest risk, the only and ultimate sacrifice of God for a love that will endure forever.
  3. While God may and does test one’s faith and life, yet He does not tempt with sin. He does not allure and entice toward ungodliness.
  4. Whatever happened to things not liked? Can there be such a thing anymore? Does the desire to have a sermon “liked” factor into the craft of preaching?
  5. Boldness means a lack of fear from cancel-culture and a disregard for worldly retribution. Boldly preach! Christ has overcome the world.
  6. Woe to Paul if he did not because he would be missing out on the love of Christ and, by extension, love for his fellow man.
  7. This Spirit of love permits no Christian to exercise their freedom at the expense of another Christian still troubled by old associations.
  8. Sin affects body and soul, right down to the core of our humanity. It calls for a drastic cure, for extreme measures.
  9. We still live in the hope of His coming, though many generations have come and gone in that hope. Why, though, does it make any difference?
  10. Sin has had its teeth wrenched out. Since Christ was raised from death, that ugly monster has no power over us.
  11. The outward sins we do all begin with Sin hidden in our hearts. But we cannot see that, it has to be revealed to us by a spiritual scan, an MRI from above.
  12. The word which justifies by bringing faith in baptism is the same powerful word that recreates, regenerates, and re-births a human being in baptism.

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