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On Giving Tuesday 2020 the Thinking Fellows discuss stewardship.


Reflecting on the International Academy of Apologetics

Producer Caleb is joined by three guests to talk about their experience at the


Jesus Published and Blazed Forth

I hope this Christmastime affords ample opportunities for you to publish the Good News of Jesus Christ.

An American Myth Meets the Gospel of Jesus

This is our frontier religion: God is waiting to shower blessings upon us if only we will unlock those blessings with the right kind of works, and a sufficient quantity of the same.

The American Story in Light of the Gospel

In these two stories - one ending and the other beginning just a day apart - we find many ingredients that are uniquely American. We find grit, determination, and conquest.


1517 Israel Study Tour

REGISTRATION FULL - A study tour of Israel with Chad Bird as your guide.

Where Two Or Three Are Gathered: Essays on Friendship


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