1. Suffering so you don’t become faithless.
  2. Bad things happen to good people.
  3. God has abandoned me, so why won’t he leave?
  4. My rash words are justified.
  5. We have Old Testament scholar, Chad Bird, on to discuss with us the ways we twist the book of Proverbs into a prosperity gospel, especially in regard to our ideas of family.
  6. This is an excerpt from Chad Bird’s book, Your God is Too Glorious, 2nd Edition
  7. Fess up, Job. Trouble doesn’t come from nowhere.
  8. As we discuss ways that prosperity gospel sneaks into the family, we decided to start off by looking at the book of Proverbs, as these are often the verses that are cherry picked and often used to take prosperity gospel ideas in regard to the family.
  9. Worship in the face of unimaginable suffering.
  10. God, Satan, and upright Job.

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