1. We have Old Testament scholar, Chad Bird, on to discuss with us the ways we twist the book of Proverbs into a prosperity gospel, especially in regard to our ideas of family.
  2. As we discuss ways that prosperity gospel sneaks into the family, we decided to start off by looking at the book of Proverbs, as these are often the verses that are cherry picked and often used to take prosperity gospel ideas in regard to the family.
  3. We are back to our conversations of Bible passages and comparing descriptive and prescriptive interpretations. This week we are discussing the story of Ruth.
  4. In our series about prescriptive vs descriptive, we walk through the story of Esther. Though this book does not mention God, it refers to the promises of God to redeem.
  5. Every part of Jesus’ encounter with Mary Magdalene in John 20 was incredibly intentional and personal for God to systematically redeem what was lost.
  6. Because of Christ, we find safety and healing in the light. Because of Christ, we do not have to be afraid of the truth that his light reveals.
  7. As God in his mercy enacted his plan to redeem his loved ones, he took them step by step. In the process of redeeming every part of us, he sent us prophets like Moses.