1. We are the fruit that grows from the branch, which extends from the trunk of the tree, which is rooted in the soil that it grows out of, which is all Christ.
  2. God sees true beauty
  3. God knows that when we face insurmountable odds in our moments of weakness, we are more likely to turn to him in trust and reliance.
  4. The lesson of Malachi reveals God’s love for his people. When the people ask for proof of God’s love, he reminds them of their election.
  5. We will not become hopeless because the Lord is with us.
  6. Zipporah and Moses were bound by blood. More than that, God and Moses were bound by blood.
  7. For the past twenty years that I've been a Christian, I've not found any evidence in my reading of Judges 13-16 that qualifies Samson for the "book of faith" (Hebrews 11).