1. Only God creates clean hearts.
  2. Chad and Daniel are joined by Erick Sorensen live from HWSS.
  3. Chad and Daniel begin the book of Ruth in this episode.
  4. A donkey jawbone, a prostitute, and the gates of hell.
  5. Chad and Daniel wrap up the book of Joshua. Idolatry, the "good words" of God, and choosing who you will serve.
  6. Chad and Daniel get from Joshua to Revelation and spend a lot of this episode talking about Armageddon and the return of Christ.
  7. This episode was recorded live at the Here We Still Stand conference.
  8. Paul moves to talking about Abraham and how he was justified.
  9. It's almost Christmas! And that means 40 Minutes in the Old Testament and 30 Minutes in the New Testament are coming together again. Daniel, Chad, and Erick take a look at the 2nd chapter of Matthew and the passages he cites from Micah and Hosea.

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