1. We can use this avian imagery to help us talk about how God pictures His salvation for Israel at Mount Sinai and then, by extension, to see the greater salvation God has given us in Jesus at Mount Calvary.
  2. Hosea portrays God in a very intimate and husbandly way, reaching out to the one He loves when love is abused and lost.
  3. That He did on the cross and through the resurrection was the good work of God by which He has redeemed and restored all of creation, including you, back into a right relationship with God.
  4. Through Christ we have the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit rather than the limited pouring out we see with Moses in our text.
  5. He is the one who saves us at just the right time.
  6. When the apostles did something, it should beg a question: Does this remind you of anything? The answer will always be, “Yes. It reminds us of Jesus!”
  7. One glorious resurrection day, the strategy was to lead this flock called the Church “through the valley of the shadow of death” to eternal life in His Kingdom forever.
  8. Each week we are in Acts, the goal will be to find the Old Testament connection which can bring to light a faithful preaching of the Gospel that bridges the testaments during the Easter season.
  9. Jesus is both “the way” and “the way out” of the nightmare called death AND He has secured it for you in His resurrection which you are connected to in the waters of your baptism.
  10. We believe, not on account of what we saw or felt or because of any physical evidence, but we believe on account of the Word which came true!
  11. In this sermon, we will begin with one of the oldest questions in the Bible: “Father where is the lamb?”
  12. God will change His attitude towards His rebellious and idolatrous people and raise them from their graves. They will be His living people once again.

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