1. We are back to our conversations of Bible passages and comparing descriptive and prescriptive interpretations. This week we are discussing the story of Ruth.
  2. In our series about prescriptive vs descriptive, we walk through the story of Esther. Though this book does not mention God, it refers to the promises of God to redeem.
  3. This is the second installment in our series profiling women in the Bible (Who are not named Ruth or Esther). Both the stories of Ruth and Esther are beautiful, gracious, and profound. We love reading and rereading them. However, in an attempt to bring attention to more stories of more women throughout the Scriptures, we choose now to shift our focus.
  4. It turns out the family trait of not being able to wait runs deep and wide in the family of God. We do foolish things while we wait for promises to be fulfilled.