1. We don’t start with behavior and work toward Christ. We start with Christ and everything works out from there.
  2. Four stars! The story of Ruth is the rom-com of the year! But actually, it's even so much better than that. Craig and Troy open up the book of Ruth and start to see how God unfolds His long game through this spectacular and important story.
  3. Sorry, racism, ethnic clashes, cultural differences, are nothing new to the world or the church. Listen to these fools talk about Galatians, racism, and Christianity. Also, a little Smalcald Articles on the Gospel!
  4. Orgies and drunkenness and licentiousness, oh my! Sometimes Christians get hung up on the really “big” sins, but Paul lists quarreling and jealousy right there with them. What’s the connection? Craig and Troy discuss how love does no wrong to a neighbor, for love is the fulfillment of the law.
  5. “There is no obedience that does not have its eyes on either God or neighbor. An obedience that is motivated by what we will get out of it is no obedience at all.”
  6. Can there be joy in obedience? That depends on if obedience if a free choice or the result of threats.
  7. The only obedient son is shunned so that the disobedient one may return. Why? Because God loves sinners. He doesn’t leave them alone.
  8. Whatever we call “god,” how we act out our “religion,” what we call “living,” if its name isn’t Jesus, it’s a sham.

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