1. Luke does not say much else about Anna, especially in comparison to Simeon. But the fact that he mentions her suggests she has something to teach your hearers today.
  2. The creation of this word reminds us that the Magnificat, like Christmas itself, is charged from the start with joy and praise.
  3. Sometimes it is the unnamed characters in the Bible who can most help present-day readers find their own place in the biblical story.
  4. Like Isaiah and John, we look forward to that great and glorious day, trusting the resurrected One will return as He promised.
  5. Grace is God’s caring disposition toward His human creatures. And it is shown fully and purely in the work of Jesus for us.
  6. Today, Jesus' road to Jerusalem turns into your congregation. He calls you and your hearers to follow Him all the way home.
  7. Honor would be shown to the least. Power would be shown by its opposite. The way of glory was marked with humility.
  8. Ringside Preachers and Craft of Preaching join forces to bring you this special edition podcast discussing the topic "Christendom Without Christianity." with Rev. Dr. Peter Nafzger from Concordia Seminary St. Louis.
  9. God’s promise never to separate us from the love of Jesus means that our security, and our confidence, and our forgiveness—even for our part in past divisions—depends entirely on His faithfulness and not ours.
  10. Our enemy is both external AND internal. Outside of us AND inside of us. It is the old evil foe who prowls around us AND the old Adam who wreaks havoc inside each of us.
  11. No longer do we read about Jesus promising to satisfy and raise and abide in His people. Instead, we encounter a Jesus who goes on the attack.

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