1. We need a God who acts for us, each of us in particular. We need a God who sticks to His Word that He will never abandon or forsake us.
  2. God uses the fifth commandment to protect us from selfishness, prevent us from only thinking about our needs, and to drive us to Christ and our neighbors.
  3. Riley and Gillespie continue their conversation on moderation in public dialogue, the wrath of God, our passions, and not succumbing to media propaganda.
  4. You Can’t Get Right if You Can’t Relate... Much too little has been done either to articulate or to augment the kind of "pastoral care" that equips Christian citizens to demonstrate care for the world in their daily vocation.
  5. Our appearance is designed to be familiar and to put you at ease. We continue our discussion of the Church and social change and upheaval.
  6. Are You Gonna Slay It? We take a deep dive into the relation of the Church to social change and upheaval.
  7. Justice and love are united in God, and we see this most clearly in Jesus on the cross. There, both God's hatred toward sin and compassion for the world come together.
  8. Riley and Gillespie take a break from the usual format to consider how our nation quickly forgot COVID-19 in the wake of the death of George Floyd. We seek to better understand what is happening regarding the protests and rioting, how it affects the Church, and how Christians might respond.
  9. There is a time for justice. And there is a time for love. But love must always have the final word. Jesus must have the final word, because Jesus is God and God is Love.
  10. We must also remember that our enemy is a creature of God. He is someone for whom Christ Jesus died. He is a sinner just like any other, no more or less selfish than us.
  11. I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad. Gillespie and Riley finish their discussion of the book, Mission to Nuremberg. What happens when a pastor is called to minister to Nazi war criminals? This is the third of three episodes, where we talk about the power of the Gospel, state-sponsored religion, and pastoral care when it's attacked from outside and within the church.

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