Who do we depend on to surround us with good things? Who do we look to when we have a need? We surround ourselves with experts in their fields to help us with all the necessities of life; doctors, teachers, lawyers, plumbers, farmers, ranchers, law enforcement, and first responders. And they, when they have a need, turn to others who are experts too. But do we ever consider that it's God who brings us together? Do we stop to give thanks that it's ultimately God we rely on for our every need?

The psalmist declares that "the heavens and the earth declare the glory of God," and that's true. But do we consider that all people are created by God for the good of everyone else? Do we reflect on their work, that it declares the glory of God?

In our sinful, selfish drive to preserve our lives, we lose sight of the fact that besides the glittering stars, the sunlit clouds, and the heaving waves, the cattle rancher, the forest ranger, the ambulance driver, the county sheriff, and the tertiary plant manager are also a part of the same creation that declares that there is a God if only we have eyes to see because, as the apostle Paul writes, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead." (Romans 1:20)

All we do to help each other reflect the greatness and the glory of the Lord. However, sin and Satan tempt and torture us with fear and guilt because we always have a need, but often we don't want to ask for help. We prefer to do it ourselves, then we can claim all the glory for ourselves. At other times, we cannot get help, or help is withheld from us by others for selfish reasons. No matter which we come to our needs, there always seems to be someone getting in our way, prohibiting us from enjoying God's good works for us.

That's why it's not enough to know that there is a God, or that He is good, or that all creation reflects his greatness and glory. Yes, God is good. God is great. He is all-powerful. But, when we need surgery, and the hospital won't accept our insurance, we need more than provocative adjectives that describe God.

We need a God who acts for us, each of us in particular. We need a God who sticks to His Word that He will never abandon or forsake us. We need a God who is fatherly and treats us the same way He treats His Son. We need a God who not only reveals His glory but proves He's worthy of it.

The glory of the cross reveals God to us as He wants to be known by us. He will provide for us and protect us in our need. When we are weak, He will be our strength. When we are tempted, He will not allow us to be tempted beyond our capacity to resist. When we are cold and heartless towards each other, He will love us without limits or measures. When we are faithless, He is faithful because He cannot deny Himself.

The heavens, earth, and all people on earth are an open book that declares the glory of God. But, only Jesus crucified for the sin of the world reveals that through Him, all creation is redeemed from sin, death, and Satan. Jesus, our ever-present help in trouble. The One who satisfies our every need of body, soul, and mind with His Word of hope; be not afraid for I have overcome the world.